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Math History Sites

History Math Topics from the School of Mathematics and Statistics from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland
This page has an excellent group of links that will take you directly to articles and/or to index pages for articles on the subjects listed.  It also links to biographies of mathematicians.

Sites with links to additional information

Math History Theme Page,
This page is part of a larger site of the Community Learning Network, based in British Columbia.  It has links to many math history-related sites.  It is geared for both students and teachers.

Sites to be searched

The Math Forum,
This is an excellent site for students, teachers and parents.  You can do a search on this site. It is also home to "Ask Dr. Math." which is a question and answer site where you can search the frequently asked questions area and the archives of the site. If you still can't find what you are looking for, send your question to Dr. Math.  One of the many Dr. Math's will try to respond to you by e-mail.  You can also search the middle school questions on the site for great ideas!

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