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Tips for Web Searching 
Sometimes a search will not give you enough information.  Other times you'll get too much information and a lot of it will be unrelated to your topic.  Here are some tips we hope will be helpful!   bottom of page
Limit Your Search
There are many ways to limit your search.  Three important ones include
  1. searching for an exact phrase 

  2. ex.  "game theory" 
    If game theory is not typed inside quotation marks, the results will include all documents with the word game and the word theory, not necessarily the phrase, game theory
  3. using AND to add more specialized terms to your search

  4. ex. spirals and Archimedes instead of spirals
    The results of this search will include both the word spirals and the name Archimedes.  If the word AND is omitted, some search engine results will have either spirals or Archimedes but not necessarily both. 
  5. eliminating very common words from your search (and, in, the)
Choose your searching tools wisely
You need to be sure that your sources are relevant.  More importantly, they need to be written at a math level that you can understand.  You might try one or more of the sources below, or other suggested websites.

The Math Forum,
This fabulous site that is maintained by Drexel University.  It caters to kids of all ages, parents and teachers.  You can "search for math" from their home page and/or check their frequently asked questions.  No need to include MATH as part of your search since all links are math-related. To make sure that the resources you find are more on your level, you might search at the middle school level more specifically,  If you get really stuck after trying a number of things, you can e-mail one of the "Dr. Math's."

There may not be as much math information at yahooligans, the yahoo web guide for kids, but consider doing a search in two ways: 

  1. search all of yahooligans for your topic
  2. search the math section only

  3. Sample search in yahooligans: Math and Sports had 6 results, not all relevant.
    Same search in math section of yahooligans:  only 1 result.
Sift through your search results
Searching may sometimes seem more like panning for gold than digging for treasure.  If you find that you have too many results, you might
  • try to eliminate personal websites such as geocities as they may not be as reliable as other sources
  • be more specific in your search words and/or consider doing an advanced search
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