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National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Inc.  Topics for Mathematics Clubs.
     Reston:  NCTM, 1983.
The ten articles discuss topics from Fibonacci Sequences to Pascal's Triangle to Topology.  Note:  Use the table of contents since there is no index.

Pappas, Theoni.  The Joy of Mathematics.  San Carlos:  World Wide Publishing
     /Tetra, 1991.

The table of contents of this book provides a great list of topics.  Reading the 1 to 2 page sections of this book give a terrific overview and provide a super way to gain an understanding about a topic.  Look for other books by the same author.
Seymour, Dale, comp. Encyclopedia of Math Topics and References:  A Resource for
     Projects and Explorations.  Palo Alto:  Dale Seymour Publications, 1996.
This book has a comprehensive list of recommended topics along with a short paragraph description defining the topic.  It includes a bibliography for each topic.
Math Section of your library:

    The following Dewey Decimal call numbers and subject headings are relevant to mathematics

510 Mathematics
511 General Principles of Mathematics
512 Algebra, Number Theory
513 Arithmetic
514 Topology
515 Analysis
516 Geometry
519 Probabilities and Applied Mathematics
793 Indoor Games and Amusements*
794 Indoor Games of Skill*
795 Games of Chance*
*may include mathematical recreations

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