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So you need to do a math project...

Math Project Assistance
from the 
Goudreau Museum of Mathematics in Art and Science
Herricks Community Center, 999 Herricks Road, Room 202 
New Hyde Park, NY  11040
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What is the purpose of doing a math research paper?  to top

The goal of your project should be to learn about a new math topic or to study more in-depth a topic that you are already familiar with.
Choosing a Topic  to top
You may have been given a list of suggested topics by your teacher or may have been left to develop your own topic.  Either way, before deciding on a topic, it's a good idea to explore a few different subjects.  Be sure to choose a topic that you are interested in!! You'll be spending a lot of time on your project. Click here to look at a suggested list of topics.
Where to find information  to top
  • school library
  • public library
  • textbooks (yours and others, ask your teacher!)
  • Internet/ World Wide Web

  • click here to find some helpful websites and for tips on searching
  • Math Reference Library at the Goudreau Museum of Mathematics in Art and Science, which is open during the week by appointment and most Saturdays, October through May from noon until 3 pm.  The Goudreau Museum is a small, hands-on museum which encourages interest in mathematics for people of all ages and all mathematical backgrounds!
  • Additional tips  to top